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This is a service free of charge to participating companies, government agencies, colleges, schools, and other entities.

These partnerships greatly benefit communities. Together we can help promote the stop of electronics in landfills.


It is easy and hassle-free to host one of Stark Electronics Recycling collection bins at your business.

Just call us to schedule a visit to your site.

  • We deliver the bin free of charge on a day of your choice and place it on a spot designated by you.

  • We service our bins as often as needed, even daily at busy locations.

  • Emergency pick-ups are made within 24 hours 

Host a Recycle Event

Your company, school, church, government agency, or any other organization can hold a community electronics recycling event.

We will come to your site and offer recycling for the public, including free hard drive shredding.


Public Adwarness 

Contact us and we can come to any vendor/expo events and spread to others how we are making a change for a better environment 

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