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All services are at no charge. All hard drives and data devices are shredded to DoD standard with certification; We follow a no-landfill policy.

Commercial Electronic Recycling for Your Business


Electronic Waste is an umbrella term for electronic components that are no longer needed or wanted. When purchasing a new electronic device, some consumers choose to sell their old device for a profit and others elect to recycle.

Environmental Concerns

Electronic components can cause environmental damage to computers, smartphones, printers, and small appliances. Mercury, lead, arsenic, and other dangerous materials are used in electronic devices’ microchips and batteries. These materials can pollute the environment if they are not properly disposed of.

You, as a business owner, have the responsibility of avoiding these devastating effects. While a homeowner might be able to recycle a few devices, your business could use hundreds or even thousands of them. Your contribution to either a landfill or e-waste recycling could be significant because you may manage a large number of electronic devices.

Legal Obligation

There are 25 states that have laws prohibiting the improper disposal of technology by private citizens or businesses. If your company is found to be improperly disposing of computers, screens, and tablets, you could face a fine. You can avoid fines by working with a tech recycling company that is licensed and respected. As a business owner, you are responsible for finding a commercial electronic recycling business that will handle your e-waste.

SER works with OHIO business owners to identify recyclable materials. We can help you manage your electronic waste and safely dispose of it in a legally and socially responsible manner.


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